Sunday, May 16, 2004

Game weekend at the Bergs'

We again had the pleasure of visiting the Berg family for the weekend and it was a terrific time. They are SOOOO much fun to be around, not to mention that we often get to play lots of games together.

On Friday evening we played Ticket to Ride, which is one of my favorite new games of the year. I won for the first time by connecting my two tracks on my last turn, thanks to the fact that I drew 2 wild cards on my previous turn.

On Saturday I attended the Kitchen Table Gamers first game day. We had a great time. Attendance was in the 40's. I got to play several Gipf series games, including Yinsh. It's a fantastic game. I am absolutely in love with the Gipf series. Over the weekend I also played two games of Tamsk, 1 game of Zertz and 1 game of Gipf. These are truly brilliant games. The other highlight of the game day was closing out the night with Time's Up, which is one of my favorites. Kim Berg was my partner and we rolled to an easy victory by winning all three rounds. The game highlights were trying to describe William Faulker (we all knew he was an author, but nobody knew anything he had written) try to not get confused between Don King, Martin Luther King Jr., King Kong, and there was someone else with a list name of King that I don't remember. Another hilarious time.

After the game day we returned to the Berg's where Craig regailed us with hilarious stories of his families exploits, including a very funny story about how he lost his glasses while watching Sixth Sense at the theater.

On Sunday we played a few more games, include Attribute with Kim and Elaine. I really like this game and I will be busting it out when I get the chance. It is a lot more creative than Apples to Apples.

We got home after 10PM. The girls FINALLY fell asleep when we got off the highway in Grand Rapids. It was a pretty gruelling drive home, but it was well worth it.