Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Enchanted Forest with my daughter

We recently implemented a new punishment/reward system for our 6 year old. She LOVES Spongebob, so I bought her a Spongebob refrigerator magnet set. When she does something good (like get herself ready for school without fussing, helping her 2 year old system pick up her toys) or goes several hours without fussing or talking back, she gets to move Spongebob 1 space closer to the jellyfish (Spongebob's favorite activity is jellyfish hunting). If she messes up, Spongebob moves back. It's actually kind of funny... yelling at your crying child to "move Spongebob back." Anyway, I digress. Her reward for Spongebob making it to the jellyfish (basically, she has had a very good day) is that she gets to play a game with Mom and Dad. Last night, we picked Enchanted Forest (SdJ winner from 1983).

She has played other memory type games, so I figured she could handle that aspect of the game. I had to help her with the movement a bit. She understand the mechanics of the movement, but often didn't see how she could change directions to get where she wanted to go. The other things she struggled with was keeping what she saw a secret. If she found the symbol we were looking for, she wigged out, which obviously gave me information that I shouldn't have had. No matter. We had great fun with it. She especially liked knocking Dad back to the village by landing on me... and, surprisingly, when I did this to her she didn't get upset about it.

Anyway, I recommend this for 6 year olds (even 5 year olds) that can remember where things are placed on the board. Incidentally, I DON'T recommend trying to play the game twice in a row. It's very very confusing.

Also, it's fun to come up with your own names for the pictures. For example, the boots from Puss in boots are known as magic roller blades in our house. And the "table that laid itself" is known as supper.